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October 01, 2010

Effect of dark chocolate on blood pressure.

Authors: Karin Ried et al.  BMC Medicine 2010, 8:39 

In this meta-analysis, the authors looked at studies that investigated the possible effects of dark chocolate and other other flavanol-rich rich cocoa compunds on a couple of types of high blood pressure. Thirteen studies performed between1955 and 2009 met the inclusion criteria.

Meta analysis looked at the association between type of treatment, dosage, baseline bloodpressure.

It appears that dark chocolate indeed has a positive effect on blood pressure, or in scientific speak:"Our meta analysis suggests that dark chocolate is superior to placebo in reducing systolic hypertension or pre-diastolic prehypertension".  They were very excieted about their results, indeed. 

Just to be clear, this study did not include milk chocolate or white choclolate.