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November 12, 2012

Exercise and Lifeexpectancy: The Swedes Definitely Got This Habit Right.

The Swedes are good at many sports, however, walking has to be the country's national sport.  Almost where-ever and when-ever you go  - and regardless of the weather - you will encounter people out on brisk walk.

A study (http://bit.ly/ZevIZU) by Steen Moore et al, published in the recent edition of PLOS medicine examines the effects of exercise on longevity.  Looking at over 650.000 individuals and their adjusted life expectancy, the authors found that those who did physical exercise equivalent to 75 minutes of brisk walking per week increased their life expectancy by 1.8 years, while those who met the WHO's recommended level of 150 minutes of exercise per week gained 3.4 to 4.5 years compared to their statistical, corrected life expectancy.
Interestingly, they also found also levels exercise had a greater effect on longevity than did body weight.  In other words: It is more important for your longevity to get your daily exercise than to be at your optimal weight.