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June 28, 2010

Tur Att Ni Finns

"Tur att ni finns" ("I am happy that you are here") she had said casually as she exited the treatment room. On occasion a patient will say something along those lines to me, and I always smile and say "thanks", and under my breath thank God for my education and its ability to affect people's lives in such a positive way. Today, for reasons unknown, the comment hit me extra hard. The patient is a 70 year old woman who with her husband holds a small weekend extra job, that she dearly loves because it adds meaning and substance to her life.
We had just reminded each other of her status and state of mind when I first saw her about one year ago: She had been in tremendous pain, taking a daily cocktail of prescription painkillers,
which included Tramadol (morfine derivate) and anti-inflamatories (NSAIDs) - all with little or no effect. She was facing the necessity of giving up her beloved job which keeps her active and in contact with hundreds of people every week. She couldn't stand the pain from standing 8-10 hours a day, handling hundreds of 1 or 3 kilo bags. The medicine had virtually no effect and she did not know what to do.
Today, she is once again fully active, works like a maniac with no or few symptoms. She just had one of her busiest days prior to the Swedish Midsommer (equinox) celebration and she felt fine.
Through chiropractic care and a tailored stabilization program this patient had regained her health, her activity level and her quality of life. Yes, I guess so; "Tur att vi finns" - Gave me goosebumps all-over!